Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Man Designs Clothing for Centuries Old Chinese Empress then Kills Self

Alexander McQueen, who killed himself last month after his mother's death, had a posthumous viewing of his final unfinished collection in Paris.

It must be his collection for Target that paid the bills, unless he was supplying a new race of punky Chinese empresses with battle attire. We haven't seen many women with gold embroidered capes on the subway lately. Perhaps they are taking their rickshaws to work.

It would look nice with a gilded sword and maybe some throwing stars.

McQueen's previous collection was said to be "casting an apocalyptic forecast of the future ecological meltdown of the world: Humankind is made up of creatures that evolved from the sea, and we may be heading back to an underwater future as the ice cap dissolves."

It is a wonder that the models were wearing 6-inch heels instead of flippers.

We don't claim to be fashion experts, but if this is revolutionary and everybody will be dressing like elfish vagabonds in the future, then we're kind of okay with mortality.


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