Monday, December 28, 2009

Fruit and Veg Stand on Court Street Gets X-mas Present

Union Market on 288 Court Street has opened by Christmas as promised. The former Blockbuster space was vacant for several years before the Park Slope-based gourmet grocery store moved in. The meat selection may just undersell Staubitz's and the vegetables are very reasonably priced. Who knows if it's the old bait and switch and prices will rise once they've priced out the mom-and-pop vegetable stand across the street. They also have a cheese selection to rival Stinky Brooklyn.

Park Slopers like to protest when a Starbucks pushes out the independent cafe owners, but what happens when the protesters become the pushers? Is all fair in a free market society or should the echo-friendly franchise be wary of mom-and-pop businesses whose customers they are recycling?

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