Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Strong Pl. Church Bares Its Bones Once Again

The scaffolding has finally come off the Strong Place Church on the corner of Degraw Street and Strong Place in Cobble Hill, where developers are converting the 156-year-old edifice into 24 resdential units. There's still plastic on the windows, but interior walls are in place. The turret has not yet been covered. It would make a nice patio if they follow the design of the renovated church on Clinton Street and First Place. No word yet on when the apartments might go on the market. Hopefully, they have salvaged some of the original stained glass. The property also has some outdoor space on the side that would make a nice yard, but more likely it will be private parking spaces.

The steel and wood scaffolding had been a fixture on Degraw Street for over 2 years. Its fence was thankfully brightened by the paintings of the children at local PS 29. The uneven sidewalks, with slate thrown at jagged angles by unruly roots, may prove unpassable for strollers. Perhaps the developers will set their sights on that next. The building was a daycare center for a number of years and last held regular mass in the 1960s. It suffered a lot of water damage, but has been restored beautifully to it's mid-19th century facade. We'll be very jealous of the new residents if any of the original internal details are kept.

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