Monday, October 8, 2012

Brooklyn Southern Has Soft Opening

Lilla Cafe on Union Street in the Columbia Waterfront District has completed its transformation to a southern style restaurant. After getting rave reviews on their brined and fried chicken and their grits, the New Orleans native chef decided to reinvent the well-liked but sometimes flagging eatery.

They wisely moved the bar to the front of the dining room and are now selling two seasonal beers on tap. The prices are much lower too, which may compete with neighboring Calexico's takeout business. An order of very tasty hush puppies is $5.50, crispy mac and cheese croquetes are $6, and a generous basket of fried chicken and fries is just $11. There is also an assortment of well-priced po' boy sandwiches. They have kept their beautiful garden the same though. Hopefully, the weather will hold out for a few more weeks so we can enjoy the biscuits and gravy with fried eggs for an outdoor brunch.

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