Friday, September 2, 2011

Graffiti Art Criticizing Israeli Occuption Brought to America so Rich Hamptonites Can Drink Wine in Front of It

It takes a lot of money (and balls) to chisel out a 2-ton piece of street art that clearly comments on who is innocent and who is guilty in the Israeli stoops' illegal (per Resolution 446) occupation of the West Bank, and then to bring it to the one country that continually vetos all further UN resolutions against the occupation. But hey, the butcher who owned the building got a few shekels for his wall, though probably no where near the $450,000 it is going for this week in Southampton. 

Representatives for Banksy (the British artist who made the pieces on view at the Keszler Gallery) have not authorized the showing, nor confirmed that any of the pieces are authentic. 

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