Tuesday, March 29, 2011

People Move Pianos in the Middle of the Night by Subway

I had to work late on Monday night and didn't get out of the office till just after 1 am. While I was waiting for the F train to take me back to Brooklyn, a D train pulled into the station. A man quickly jumped out, tossed some dollies on the platform, then grabbed the end off this stand-up piano and wedged it in the door so it wouldn't close on him. His friend came out of another door with another dollie and ran over to help. Within seconds, they had this piano sitting on the 34th street subway platform. Some transit workers were standing nearby, watching them warily. One of the movers played a little ditty on it and said, "See, just a piano," with a playful smile, presumably to show it was not a 2-ton bomb. As they ran to look for an elevator, I was all alone with it and snapped this picture, never fathoming that I would see such a thing in my life. The guy came back and I asked him how he got it down into the subway. He said by elevator, but that he had to carry it up another flight of steps at a different station. I didn't get into the logistics with him of how many trains he had to transfer and from what borough it was transported. I gathered that it was a free piano and he didn't have the money to rent a van, but he was enough of a music lover to lug it home the most economical way possible. Also, I don't usually work till 1 am and conceded that it's quite possible people move pianos by subway all the time late at night.

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