Thursday, January 13, 2011

Man Tattoos Halloween Costume on Face to Wear Year Round

In an article about pushing boundaries, Cathy Horyn of the Times begins by gloating about how her real estate investor friend and his doctor wife are raising children in Connecticut without a television.

Then she reports about how fashion designers are pushing the envelope by using transgender models and albinos in their shows.

Another loosly related example of this zeigeist to revolt against dullness is Nicola Formichetti. He has been photgraphing Rick Genest (aka Zombie Boy), whom he found on Facebook. Formichetti, who styles Lady Gaga, declares Zombie Boy to be his muse.

So will people be more likely to buy an article of clothing because it looks flattering on a dead person?

The article reads more like a list of who the reporter ran into that week and ends with the all important question of whether children of the future will take pills to make their flesh blue. Of course they will. The real question is how it will affect racism.

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