Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Parisians Destroy Paris to Avoid Working 2 years Longer if System Survives

The Americans barely offered an argument when their retirement age went from 65 to 67. The Germans merely shrugged when theirs went to 67, but naturally the French threw a shit fit when President Sarkozy proposed extending France's retirement age from 60 to 62. With a dimishing number of young people entering the workforce and people living longer, counties can no longer support their workers at a decent retirement age, which has millions of French people asking the question: is it worth it to live longer if you have to work to the grave? The untold cost of the stike, may eventually exceed the savings of a retirement age extension, but perhaps more is at stake. Is this just a stepping stone to the inevitable 70-year-old retirement age? And when stem cell research cures us of our diseases, can we expect to work until our 100th birthdays. What happened to the promises of the 1950s? Where's the shorter work week and the increased leisure time? Weren't robots supposed to be doing most of the labor by now? Where did all the excesss go? Oh yeah, I remember now.

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