Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Philistines Taunt Homeless With New Definition of Art

Dropping the pretense of collecting art for investment purposes, two French gallery owners are offering high-end pied-à-terres instead of paintings. Philippe Menager and Nicolas Hug closed their gallery and declared that they would sell apartments as "works of art," because it would be too low-brow to just call themselves real estate agents.

"We sell everything that is out-of-the-ordinary to people who often don't need an apartment, but who want the enjoyment of having something special — a balcony, a garden, or a historical location — or who are true apartment collectors. They have one in New York, one in London, all the great international capitals."

When asked for a comment on the recent movement in the art/real estate world, a homeless panhandler in SoHo said, "Food... Need fooood."

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