Monday, June 28, 2010

Spelling Confirms Existence of Afterlife/Fawcett Still Chatty

Tori Spelling claims to have spoken with Farrah Fawcett through the medium of John Edwards. Rather than provide an answer to the biggest question of all time about what happens when we die, Fawcett gave "call-outs" to her family. Spelling would have been reluctant to believe it "if it had been some psychic that [she'd] walked in off the street for five buck," but since she paid top dollar to a "world renowned" swindler, it must be true. We await Fawcett's next communication from beyond the grave where she will let Spelling know what sort clothes are in fashion in the afterlife and if her 1970s Charlie's Angels' hairstyle will be popular again once we all die.

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