Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ultimate vs. Chicory

Ultimate Burgers and Dogs (243 Degraw St.) is now open in the space that Chicory used to inhabit. The tiny space has big shoes to fill from Chicory's much coveted fried chicken and meatloaf melts. Ultimate is more of a snack place though than a gourmet take-out place. Priced for the Great Recession, everything's under $8, only you'll need 2 dogs to make a meal, so you end up spending at least $10 anyway. The Chicago Dog with pickles, diced onions, tomato, peppers and relish ($4.50) is a surprisingly nice twist on the familiar, but the cost is all for the toppings. The Italian sausage with onions, peppers and spicy mustard is more filling, but at $5.75 is approaching Shea Stadium prices.

All burgers and dogs are served with slaw and chips, which can be substituted for tater tots for $1. The tater tot portions could be bulked up, but can anyone ever get enough tater tots? The burgers are junior sized ($5.25), although big eaters will want to double them for $2 more.

Ultimate will be serving breakfast, much-needed for the area, beginning in a few weeks, and are just serving lunch and dinner till they get the kinks out. So far, it's not quite on par with Chicory, but surpasses the declining Cobble Grill.

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  1. After reading your blog, I can't help to notice that you are comparing a new restaurant with a restaurant that has been defunct for over a year. The only 2 things these restaurants have in common is the space they occupied. I've lived in this neighborhood for over 30 years, and I've seen my share of restaurants switch hands, come and go. Never would I think of comparing two different style restaurants based solely on their location. You dont compare a chinese restaurant to a pizza shop when the pizza shop closes and the chinese place moves in. Why compare chicory and ultimate? I find it hard to give you credit for your blog, for a 5 year old could have made the same comparison. Also i noticed that you didn't write any reviews about the food. Did you even eat there? I mean, give these new guys a chance, and next time, bring some merit to the table when making comparisons. I loved chicory, and as i was sad to see it go, I have made my way over to ultimate twice now, and have been greeted by friendly staff while enjoying some of the best burgers in brooklyn. give these new guys a shot.

    Also, its called Cobble Grill, not Cobble Hill Grill.