Monday, December 23, 2013

A D.J. School for Babies Is Something that Exists in Bushwick

"When I visit, we keep warm next to a roaring fire pit. His friend who runs a D.J. school for babies has fetched him a takeout burrito, and one of the gallery’s owners is outside chopping shipping pallets into tinder. The Platters’ 'Only You' plays longingly in the background. On a cot in the shack are half a dozen persimmons. Are they free? For sale? Just decoration? Traynor shrugs. 'I just think there’s something interesting about people wanting stuff, thinking that they need stuff, things being offered to people for sale. There’s so much stuff being sold to people for no reason other than just to sell. I’m not trying to convince anybody that they need anything there.' So those persimmons are exactly what they appear to be: pieces of fruit sitting on a cot in a shack in a backyard in Bushwick. 'If someone wanted to buy them, or have them,' Traynor says, 'that would be cool.'”

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