Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best Pork Chop in Brooklyn

Two Toms Restaurant on 3rd Avenue (between Union and President) definitely takes the prize for most abundant portions, and when you fight your way through the necessary gristle you'll be awarded with some of the most tender pork in the the city. For $16 they serve a fine Herculean t-bone decorated with a roasted pepper and bathing in its abundant juices. It comes with a choice of pasta, broccoli, or salad. Other crowd pleasers include the eggplant rollatini, a humongous splayed chicken parmigiana, and vegetables soaking in olive oil and garlic.  

Two Toms has been in operation since 1948, catering mostly to the oldest of locals, firemen, and employees of the nearby South Brooklyn Casket Company. The wood-paneled room will please enthusiasts of old-school throwbacks (you can't find anything more authentic outside of a 70s mob movie), and for the thirsty there is nothing finer in a sit-down establishment than the ability to walk over to a refrigerator and grab yourself a beer or a carafe of chilled wine ($20) instead of waiting for a waiter to fetch it. Some things of changed over the years though. I'm told the most recent addition to the eatery is menus. The only question is, when Gowanus becomes the new Williamsburg will places like this, that actually make the neighborhood interesting, still survive?  

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