Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trailer Park on the Brooklyn Waterfront

For at least a month now, there has been an inconspicuous little trailer parked at the end of Union Street on Van Brunt across the street from WORK gallery.  The door is cropped open and there's a small Parks Department sign inside. Square skylights have been cut into the roof to let rain water in.  Yes, you can go inside.  It is a portable public park. It was designed as an art piece by Kim Hollerman and has been on display at various locations since 2006.  There are two benches inside and two stone planters filled with low light foliage.  Have a seat and enjoy the odd delight of something you probably never imagined seeing in South Brooklyn.  Hopefully, it won't get towed away soon.

Even though it is a park, it's still parked illegally, so naturally the DOT gave it a ticket.     

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