Monday, May 16, 2011

Youths Mimic Stiff Board for Internet Fame

In what may very well be looked back upon on as the breakdancing of the twenty-tens, kids with probably no other creative outlet have made a hobby of lying still with their face to the floor in odd places. "Planking" started in either Australia or England, depending on who you believe, and has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. It has already claimed the life of one twenty-something who fell off a balcony in Brisbane during a pose, and is sure to kills hundreds of other morons before it is replaced by another, perhaps even more puzzling, craze. The first Annual Global Planking Day is May 21, so don't be alarmed if you wake to see kids in tights jeans lying deathly still on the street. It's not a nerve gas attack. It's what you would be doing if you were 20 years younger. Then again, Global Planking Day coincides with another event, so those kids might not be just planking after all.

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