Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Immortal Dogs or Faulty Euthanasia Practices?

Another dog has survived euthanasia, this time a sick puppy in Oklahama. He was found in a dumspter the next day in perfect health. This after a Michigan Rottweiler with spinal problems was unfazed by a lethal injection in October. Before that in Indiana, where 5 dogs are reported to have dodged death, one hound managed to survive 4 days in a freezer after being gassed. In all cases, the dogs became local heros and the shelters were flooded with calls from people wanting to give them new homes, which makes us wonder if the shelters are just making up these stories to inspire people to adopt, or has man's best friend and the most successful panhandler on the planet finally evolved beyond us? At least someone saw this coming.

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