Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blogposts About the Most Searched Internet Terms More Likely to Turn Up in Internet Searches

Yahoo's list of most searched terms of 2010 reveals a lot about us. For instance, we like soccer, natural disasters, girls who can sing and have big butts, and boys who can sing and look like girls.

1. The Gulf of Mexico oil disaster
2. The World Cup soccer tournament
3. Pop singer Miley Cyrus
4. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian
5. Singer Lady Gaga
6. Apple's iPhone
7. Actress Megan Fox
8. Singer Justin Bieber
9. "American Idol"
10. Singer Britney Spears

These lists may some day provide our ancestors with insight into the 21st century mind. If there had been an internet 100 years ago (instead of boring old encyclopedias), what might the most searched terms have been?

1. Halley's comet, end of earth
2. Wright brothers first commercial flight
3. Jack Johnson (first black boxer to win the title, sparked race riots)
4. Irving Berlin
5. Where to buy a model T Ford or horseless carriage
6. jobs available at Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
7. How to book tickets on the Titanic

The rest of the searches would likely be the names of popular Ziegfeld dancers.

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