Saturday, December 25, 2010

Best Digital Fiction of the Year

THE JESUS FISH AND SLAUGHTER BIRD by Clark Casey, available here on Kindle, iPads, and mobile devices from No DEAD TREES Press (also on desktops computers with the free Kindle viewing app). 60 pages, $2.99

An epic novella about four twenty-something lost souls who meet in a bar in Manhattan in the early 1980s. The rollicking narrative follows them for 20 years of their turbulent (and often funny) lives into the turn of the century. The cast includes an aspiring musician/artist and hypochondriac desperately trying to rid himself of his native Queens accent, a racist pool hustler who falls for a Chinese girl, a well-endowed shy girl in search of true love, and a pretty girl with abandonment issues and a dream of becoming a “florologist.” A comedic tour de force by an up-and-coming satirist. Casey’s quick-flowing and punchy prose captures the absurdity of a generation.

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