Monday, October 4, 2010

Reclusive Closet Alcoholics Now Safer Than Social Drinkers in 4 States

Tennessee, Arizona, Virginia and Georgia all recently passed laws allowing permit holders to carry loaded guns into bars. Gunholders are not permitted to consume any alcohol while armed to the teeth. They are just supposed brandish their firearms to the intimidation of would-be assailants.

"The police aren't going to protect you," Tennessee Representative and NRA bedfellow Todd Curry told reporters of the Times. "They’re going to be checking out the crime scene after you and your family’s been shot or injured or assaulted or raped.”

The law has paved the way for Wild West-like showdowns as each man is left to defend his own chicken chipotle sandwich at Chili's. One Virginia man has already shot himself in the leg while defending his beer from himself. It won't be long before bartenders and waitstaff don bullet proof vests. The law does permit restaurant owners to post "No Guns Allowed" signs at the door, but they fear backlash from gun-toting patrons. Also, as one proud gun permit holder said, “The guy that’s going to do the bad thing? He’s not worried about the law at all. The 'No Guns’ sign just says to him, ‘Hey, buddy, smooth sailing.’”

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