Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And the Award for the Most Pretentious and Grammatically Incorrect Blog Goes to...

There's an ad on craigslist today looking for a freelance editor from a self-described "former motion picture lit agent," who believes "editing is like sitting in on a jam session in Jazz." Only it seems the participants need not know how to play the instruments.

The ad links to a "personal blog (obnoxious) that covers both non fiction and fiction writing," where you can read such gems as, "There are few things are narcissistic as a blog."

In the second installment of a 2-paragraph story, THE GUN, the author begins, "There is a sleep that is feels incomplete like a door that isn’t closed, the sleeper moves between wake and sleep looking for a way to be comfortable that seems inches away but can never be reached."

The author also pronounces, "I live for simple observations that leads to greater truths."

I, too, live for simple observations, such as noun-verb agreement, but as Nietzsche once said, "what doesn't kill me make stronger."

I think this blog explains a lot about the types of books that become movies, or else just the "former" part in the author's title.

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