Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guess Which Brooklyn Author Lived Here

A little red plaque beside the door indicates that the author resided here at 91 Remson Street (just off Henry Street) in Brooklyn Heights. Readers of the Rosy Crucifixion Series will know it as the place where the Williamsburg native lived with his taxi dancer wife in "the most sedate, aristocratic section of all of Brooklyn," and "wanted nothing, unless it were a continuous, uninterrupted muchness of the sameness." The two front parlor rooms went for $90 a month in 1924, which was well beyond their means, so his wife got the money from her devoted admirers. Any guesses on what the rent would be today? Maybe $2500 for the floor if there's no outdoor space. It is still one of the nicest blocks in the city. The Brooklyn Promenade was not yet built when the author lived here (nor the BQE below it), but he would have had a view of Manhattan at the end of his street.

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